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18 Jul 2018
EXOR IIoT Controller

A Revolutionary IIoT Controller: the Exor eX700 Series

As you may have heard, The Proud Company recently entered into a new partnership with EXOR International, a manufacturer of HMI, control, and industrial IoT solutions. We’re very excited about this product line and what it can offer our customers. EXOR’s product line — including their flagship IIoT Controller — addresses the 5 major challenges to IoT implementation:

  1. Choosing a technology that will be obsolete in a few years time
  2. Achieving end-to-end connectivity
  3. The level of understanding of the workforce
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. The need to store vast quantities of data

EXOR's IIoT Controller


EXOR’s eX700 series IIoT controller is the ultimate, all-in-one solution ready for scalable applications across many industries. This IIoT Controller is truly an all-in-one solution, covering many functions such as:

  • a powerful BROWSER with an industry-standard web engine powering state-of-the-art Chromium browser
  • a GATEWAY with up to 3 Ethernet networks, OPC UA pub/sub server and client, with TSN connectivity and multiple protocols
  • a powerful HMI using JMobile inside, with multi-touch operation in a brilliant high-resolution display
  • a PLC with the CODESYS V3, which can function as Master through major protocols


  • Super high performance
  • High resolution glass cap touch
  • Fully connectable upstream & downstream
  • Powerful integrated PLC with all major protocols
  • Integrated VPN with Service Cloud
  • Standard 5 year warranty

Read more about EXOR’s IIoT Controller series on their website here.

For more information on EXOR’s eX700 series IIoT controller, contact The Proud Company‘s Sales Engineers at (412) 838-0230.


Marketing Communications Manager, The Proud Company