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10 Jan 2019
Cognex InSight Vision System

New Year’s Resolution: Get a 12 MP Vision System

Capturing exceptionally detailed 12 MP images, the In-Sight 9912 from Cognex delivers high accuracy part location, measurement, and inspection over a large area — even when mounted at longer distances. The In-Sight 9912 is Cognex’s first standalone, ultra-high-resolution area scan vision system.


The In-Sight 9912 offers:

  1. Large field of view without sacrificing resolution
  2. A standalone, smart camera alternative to multi-cam applications
  3. An all-in-one system — no separate controller
  4. Industry-leading vision tools and image processing technology

The 12MP camera should be considered the primary choice for applications requiring high resolution from this point forward. The price difference is relatively small between the 9912 and the existing 5MP cameras. The 5MP models should only be considered for higher speed applications.


Learn more about Cognex’s first standalone, ultra-high-resolution area scan vision system by downloading the free In-Sight 9912 datasheet here.

Contact Eric Zeisloft at (412) 838-0230 with questions pertaining to your specific applications or to see a demo of the new camera in action.


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