17 Oct 2017
Powdered Metal Industry & Machine Vision

Machine Vision in the Powdered Metal Industry

In the powdered metal industry, machine vision is being used for defect detection. Defects can include anything from missing teeth on a gear, to detecting debris on an item after it is manufactured. A large amount of powdered metal products are supplied to the automotive industry, which has very stringent quality requirements. This high level […]

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26 Sep 2017
ClickSmart gripper kits

Quick, Customized Gripper Solutions for Cobots

ClickSmart Gripper Kits from Rethink Robotics contain all the components you need to quickly build and customize gripping solutions for a wide range of tasks. These “plug and play” kits greatly reduce the need for costly custom design and enable faster deployment of Sawyer collaborative robots. The 5 ClickSmart Gripper Kits available are the: Vacuum […]

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18 Sep 2017
MiR mobile autonomous robots

3 Mobile Autonomous Robot Top Modules & How They’re Used

Automated guided vehicles — or AGVs — have been a useful tool in manufacturing and industrial environments for quite some time. The ability to transport materials has always been a necessity. One limiting factor, however, has been how they find their way. Whether following magnetic strips placed on the floor or reflective tape on the […]

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06 Sep 2017
Asyril Asycube 530 Flexible Feeder

Asycube 530: A Vibrating Flexible Feeder for Parts Under 6″

The new Asycube 530 3-axis robotic parts flexible feeder from Asyril is their largest “small parts” feeder to-date, with the ability to handle part sizes up to 150 mm (6 inches). VIBRATORY FLEXIBLE FEEDER VS. TRADITIONAL BOWL FEEDER Asyril’s unique, 3-axis vibration flexible feeder technology can push parts in all three directions with variable amplitudes […]

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14 Aug 2017
Sawyer collaborative robot

Head to Head: Sawyer vs. the Competition

Recently, The Proud Company — in collaboration with Rethink Robotics — went head-to-head in a proof-of-concept challenge between Rethink’s Sawyer robot and a competing collaborative robot at a potential customer’s facility. The competitor was installing their robot on a line a few hundred feet from where we were installing Sawyer. THE CHALLENGE The task was […]

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07 Aug 2017
TEQhouse'17 Mini Tradeshow & Open House

TEQhouse’17 Mini Tradshow & Open House Event Recap

On Tuesday, July 25, The Proud Company hosted our annual TEQhouse event. The weather was perfect. The smell of BBQ filled the air. The sound of motors and moving parts echoed throughout the building… It was a great day for an exciting event. And an exciting event it was: TEQhouse’17 was a great success. TEQhouse […]

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01 Aug 2017
In-Sight Laser Profiler by Cognex

Simple, Accurate Measurement with Cognex’s In-Sight Laser Profiler

Cognex, the world leader in machine vision, has expanded their portfolio with the new family of In-Sight Laser Profilers. The In-Sight Laser Profiler works by projecting a flat laser line, while a camera takes an image of the line. As the laser line goes up and over different features of a part, the line is […]

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14 Jul 2017

How to Hack-Proof Your Plant

Join us during TEQhouse on Tuesday, July 25th at 1pm for a presentation on how to make your plant hack-proof down to the control level with the world’s first intrinsically cybersecure PLC: the Bedrock™. How to Hack-Proof Your Plant Tuesday, July 25, 1PM-2PM The Bedrock™ is the next generation PLC/SCADA RTU. Starting from a clean […]

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13 Jul 2017

Last Chance to Register for TEQhouse’17

TEQhouse — The Proud Company’s annual open house and mini trade show — is just around the corner. This is an event you won’t want to miss, so register now! TEQhouse will take place on: Tuesday, July 25, 9AM-3PM Come check out our live product demonstrations in the areas of robotics and collaborative robotics, machine […]

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30 Jun 2017
Electric Actuator vs Pneumatic

Electric Actuator vs. Pneumatics? Which Is Right For You?

Pneumatic actuators have historically dominated the industrial market when simple motion control is needed. They are inexpensive and generally perform well. In the last few years, however, almost every pneumatics company has released and is promoting electric actuators as a viable alternative to air. Some companies, like Intelligent Actuator have taken another route and don’t […]

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