Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Among the top three automation suppliers globally, Mitsubishi Electric Automation offers manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs the most advanced and reliable factory automation solutions for improving performance, enhancing quality, and furthering competitiveness.

Mitsubishi has earned a reputation for its leadership in motion control/servo solutions as well as integrated control platforms. They offers a wide breadth of products to suit applications in many discrete manufacturing industries. In terms of components, Mitsubishi is recognized for the innovation, reliability and performance of its programmable logic controllers, human machine interface devices, variable frequency drives and robots. Aggressively priced and highly capable, Mitsubishi is poised to compete with the entrenched platforms currently being used by many U.S. based manufacturers.


  • Q-Series
  • L-Series
  • F-Series


  • Servos
  • VFD’s


  • GOT Human-Machine Interface
  • MC Works SCADA


  • 5 and 6 Axis Robots (2-70kg payload)
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