Doosan robotics

Doosan Robotics offers the world’s most diversified lineup of cobots with a load capacity of 6 to 15 kilograms and working radius of 0.9 to 1.7 meters. Doosan Robotics’ cobots are the easiest and most affordable solution to enable smart factories because it requires lower set-up and investment cost than industrial robots. Cobots can work alongside human operators without safety fences thanks to highly sensitive torque sensors.

Doosan Robotics enables smart factories by developing and manufacturing cobots that are capable of doing complex tasks based on precise detection skills via torque sensors, excellent safety performance and detailed power control.


Optimized to perform repetitive tasks at high speeds in a limited space

  • Payload: 6 kg / Operating radius: 900 mm


Ideal for operating multiple tasks or long-range tasks

  • Payload: 6 kg / Reach radius: 1,700 mm


Standard model versatile for any application

  • Payload: 10 kg / Reach radius: 1,300 mm


Effective in handling heavier objects
to support human workers

  • Payload: 15 kg / Operating radius: 900 mm

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