Precise Automation is proud to present the first full line of inherently safe, collaborative industrial robots. Unlike many other collaborative robots (“cobots”), which are intrinsically dangerous robots operating in a collaborative mode, Precise’s cobots were specifically designed to limit all collision forces. These robots will not injure users or equipment even if they collide with them at full speed.  
To simplify setup for new users, many collaborative robots use a programming environment with limited features. Precise Automation’s collaborative robots offer the flexibility of both an easy to use web-based interface, as well as an optional advanced programming environment as capable as any industrial robot. The easy to use Guidance Motion interface is accessible from any web enabled device and allows technicians or operators to quickly and easily setup and teach the cobots to perform real work.  
Precise Automation offers a wide variety of collaborative automation products including their PF400 SCARA robot and their PP100 Cartesian robot.


WORLD’S FASTEST/SAFEST ROBOT: THE COLLABORATIVE SCARAThe PF3400 is the world’s first collaborative four-axis SCARA robot. Its inherently safe design allows the PF3400 to achieve speeds and accelerations much faster than any other collaborative robot while still limiting forces to ISO collaborative robot standards, making the PF3400 the world’s fastest/safest robot. This distinctive SCARA design can perform the industry standard pick-and-place cycle time test in 1.4 sec, only slightly slower than many non-collaborative industrial robots and comparable to human operators. Even at the fastest speeds, the PF3400 limits free space collision forces to under 100N and rigid collisions to under 150N.


THE WORLD’S ONLY COLLABORATIVE CARTESIANThe PP100 is the world’s only collaborative Cartesian robot. Its unique mechanical design offers a price below most collaborative robots and lowers the overall costs of table top applications. This lightweight robot is available with 2-axes (XZ) or 3-axes (XYZ) and an option Theta/Servo Gripper. It can be carried by one person, mounted on a table and, by plugging in just an AC power cord and an Ethernet cable, is ready to operate, which greatly reduces integration time and cost. The controller, power supplies and harnessing are embedded within the robot’s structure, simplifying installations and allowing the PP100 to be mounted above existing work areas and equipment such as conveyor belts. The collaborative Cartesian design allows for extremely small, cost-saving workcells that have minimal impact on existing production.
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