10 Apr 2017
Cognex barcode readers

4 Reasons to Switch from Laser Scanners to Cameras

Laser scanners have been around forever. If you work for a company that makes something that someone else needs to buy, you probably have laser scanners at your facility. The manufacturing industry has made a drastic shift towards image-based barcode readers (a.k.a. cameras) and has not looked back. If you haven’t gotten serious about taking […]

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08 Mar 2017
Mitsubishi Electric

IPM Motors: the Next Big Thing in Factory Automation?

For decades, machine builders and factories have relied on induction motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs) to provide an efficient means of motion control to their processes. The rationale behind the technology is relatively widespread: Efficient speed control throughout the full range of the motor Precise torque control Dynamic load adjustment VFDs also help to […]

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