Designed to save energy and minimize cost, the FR-E800 brings together advances in quality, performance, and predictive maintenance capabilities in one inverter.

Here are a few of the most important features:

  • Built-in PLC function. FR-E800 users can set various operation patterns: inverter movements at signal inputs, signal outputs at particular inverter statuses, and monitor outputs, etc. Operation of the system can be customized by the inverter alone.
  • Various Ethernet protocols. FR-E800 inverters support a variety of open networks without using any option cards. With built-in protocols, the FR-E800 can communicate via various networks, assuring compatibility with existing systems.
  • RS-485 and “dual-port” Ethernet protocol models. Switch between Ethernet protocols simply by changing internal parameters. The FR-E800 series inverters support a variety of open networks without the need for additional option cards.
  • Compact design. Save space with a compact footprint to control 3-phase motors up to 10HP (with expansion in the future) at 200V, 400V and 600V.
  • Dual overload rating. Achieve top performance in smaller frame sizes with light duty (LD) and normal duty (ND) overload current ratings.
  • Ability to auto-tune to IM & PM motors. Setup and commission quickly and easily without time-consuming tuning or the need for on-site support.
  • Inverter-to-inverter linking. Create small-scale systems by connecting multiple VFDs via Ethernet protocols. The communication between multiple inverters is carried out through the inputs/outputs and built-in PLC.
  • Extended environmental rating. FR-E800 operates in ambient temperatures from -20°C to 60°C (-5 to 140°F) and the control card is conformal coated to withstand harsh environments.
  • Alert system. FR-E800 is the world’s first system to identify signs of damage caused by hydrogen sulfide or other corrosive gases. The operator receives a notification when the production environment needs to be improved or risk the possibility of unplanned downtime.
  • Life diagnostics function. Analyze and determine remaining lifetime of critical components, such as capacitors, contact relays, cooling fan, and inrush current limit resistor.

FR-E800 is beneficial in a variety of industries, including packaging, material handling, food and beverage, water and pumping, and any other industry where migration to PM motors to improve energy efficiency is becoming commonplace. With the vision to “design the future the future of manufacturing today”, FR-E800 truly brings VFDs into the next generation.