Having the right palletizing machinery is key to moving your product out of the factory and into the consumer’s hands. The impact on the labor force due to Covid-19 increases the need to adapt to automation.

Palletizing can be done manually or using semi-automatic or automatic palletizers. The most efficient method is using a collaborative robotic system. ABI Research predicts that revenue from cobot arms will hit $11.8 billion by 2030. 

Consider a move to the best in collaborative robots on the market. Introducing the Doosan H-Series Cobalt Palletizing Machinery. This machinery is a step above the rest for fast, effective palletizing of your shipments.

The Doosan H-Series Palletizing Machinery

Doosan Robotics specializes in cobot manufacturing. It is well-known for its versatility of applications. This includes the areas of quality inspection, assembly, and machine trending.

Two new models in the H-Series add to Doosan’s selection of future-proof, innovative cobots.

The H-Series has the heaviest payload available on the market. Despite its 25kg payload and 1700mm reach, this high-power lineup weighs only 75kg. That is about half the weight of comparable robots.

The H-Series H2017 and H215 offer superior performance, best-in-class speed, and outstanding price competitiveness. Their main applications are palletizing, machine tending, and heavy-object handling.

Both models offer high productivity. They feature maximum efficiency and productivity, combined with a reduced cycle time. This makes the units cost-effective, providing a quick investment return.

They have high flexibility in workplace settings with easy ARM linking. Both installation and on-site robot repositioning are easy with their weight only half that of other collaborative robots in the same class.

Basic Components:

  • Controller—the ability to interface with automation equipment and peripherals while supporting a complete suite of the latest communication technologies
  • Teach Pendant—a teaching device that is easy to use with a tablet PC operation that with the inclusion of the DART program is capable of simple programming and configuring of various applications

H2017 Specs:

  • 20kg payload
  • 1700mm reach
  • +1mm repeatability

H215 Specs:

  • 25kg payload
  • 1500mm reach
  • +1mm repeatability

The biggest competition this series has is Universal Robots. Those models do not meet the standards of the Doosan H-Series.

Safest Cobots Available

Each Doosan cobot has six axles holding torque sensors at every joint. This makes them safer than competitive brands. These high-performance torque sensors immediately detect any force applied to the joints. The result is a machine that is extremely sensitive to collision detection.

The high-level sensitivity is the best in the industry. It provides the detection of external force and stopping at a much faster rate than current control systems.

The Competition

The closest competition to the Doosan H-Series is Universal Robots. While these are good units, they fall short of what Doosan has to offer.

Universal Robots’ newest product is the UR16e, and that only offers a 16kg payload and a 900mm reach. This model has the heaviest payload available at Universal Robots. It still falls short of the 20kg payload available on the Doosan H-Series.

Universal Robots also falls short when it comes to reach and weight. Universal has a reach of between 500mm to 1300mm. When you compare it to the H-Series 1500mm to 1700mm reach, the Doosan wins out.

Move Into the Future

Collaborative robotics is a must-have technology for advancement in the future. Whether in the market for palletizing machinery, machine tending, picking and placing, or transporting, the Doosan H-Series will get the job done.

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