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12 Jun 2018
Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800

A New Generation of Drive Technology: the Remarkable FR-A800

Designed for unparalleled drive precision, speed control, simple startup, and versatility, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology: the remarkable FR-A800. Outstanding features of the FR-A800 series include the integrated high level PLC, USB port for programming and parameter copying, an easy-to-read control panel, optimum power usage and energy saving functions, improved […]

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16 May 2018
Low Cost SCARA Robots

Low Cost SCARA Robots: The Best Alternative For Traditional Pick & Place

Low cost SCARA robots used to only exist on engineers’ wishlists. Historically, pick and place applications typically involved either pneumatic or electromechanical actuators (aka Cartesian robots). The problem with using traditional actuators for pick and place applications is that everything needs to be perfectly aligned to work properly. Adjust the location of a pick or […]

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11 Apr 2018

Automated Packaging Solution: Lip Balm Packaging

One of The Proud Company’s areas of expertise is the design and implementation of automated processes in manufacturing and packaging facilities. When designing automated packaging solutions, collaborative robots and custom end effectors are typically essential. Recently, Proud implemented an automated packaging solution for tubes of lip balm. The end result included a Sawyer collaborative robot […]

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05 Feb 2018

ADM Expo Cleveland: Your Free Expo Pass

The Proud Company will be exhibiting at this year’s Advanced Design and Manufacturing (ADM) Expo in Cleveland. The ADM Expo showcases the latest in robotics, automation, plastics, packaging, and design engineering. ADM Expo Cleveland 2018 Huntington Convention Center March 7-8, Booth #433 Join 2,600+ professionals from industry sectors such as medtech, aerospace, automotive, and more […]

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30 Jan 2018
MiRHook200 mobile autonomous robot for heavy payloads

Transport Heavy Objects Internally with MiRHook200

Supporting the transport of loads up to 500 kg (1100 lbs), the extended-payload MiRHook200 mobile robot provides exciting new internal logistics options for weighty or unwieldy cargos. MiRHook200 is ideal for a wide range of towing jobs, such as efficiently moving heavy products between locations in a manufacturing facility or warehouse, or moving linen and […]

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17 Jan 2018
Pittsburgh Coolest Offices

It’s Official: We’re Cool

Each week, the Pittsburgh Business Times showcases interesting, inspiring and attractive office spaces in the Pittsburgh area. Last month, PBT named us one of Pittsburgh’s “Coolest Offices”. We’re honored! Check us out… Interested in joining our team? Visit our Careers page

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11 Jan 2018
Collaborative Robots Roadshow Event

Collaborative Robots Roadshow

Gone are the days of massive capital expenditures on expensive, fixed automation. By leveraging low cost, collaborative robots to perform mundane, highly repetitive tasks, innovative manufacturers are gaining a distinct competitive advantage and seeing a fast ROI. The Proud Company is hosting a FREE robot roadshow event on Wednesday, February 21st about how adopting the […]

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17 Oct 2017
Powdered Metal Industry & Machine Vision

Machine Vision in the Powdered Metal Industry

In the powdered metal industry, machine vision is being used for defect detection. Defects can include anything from missing teeth on a gear, to detecting debris on an item after it is manufactured. A large amount of powdered metal products are supplied to the automotive industry, which has very stringent quality requirements. This high level […]

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26 Sep 2017
ClickSmart gripper kits

Quick, Customized Gripper Solutions for Cobots

ClickSmart Gripper Kits from Rethink Robotics contain all the components you need to quickly build and customize gripping solutions for a wide range of tasks. These “plug and play” kits greatly reduce the need for costly custom design and enable faster deployment of Sawyer collaborative robots. The 5 ClickSmart Gripper Kits available are the: Vacuum […]

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18 Sep 2017
MiR mobile autonomous robots

3 Mobile Autonomous Robot Top Modules & How They’re Used

Automated guided vehicles — or AGVs — have been a useful tool in manufacturing and industrial environments for quite some time. The ability to transport materials has always been a necessity. One limiting factor, however, has been how they find their way. Whether following magnetic strips placed on the floor or reflective tape on the […]

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