Rethink Robotics recently released five new gripper kits for their popular Sawyer collaborative robot. The five gripper kits — known as the ClickSmart series — include:

  1. Large vacuum kit
  2. Small vacuum kit
  3. Large pneumatic kit
  4. Small pneumatic kit
  5. Vacuum foam gripper


The vacuum foam gripper allows the robot to pick up an object that covers only 80% of the foam gripper surface.

The large pneumatic kit will have the ability to use one large pneumatic gripper, while the small pneumatic kit uses two smaller pneumatic grippers on the same platform. The difference between the two vacuum gripper kits: The small kit has smaller cups, allowing for the creation of more arrays with more points for vacuum cups than can be created with the large kit.

The ClickSmart tooling attaches to the robot using the ClickSmart tool plate. This makes changing grippers much easier than removing bolts from the arm. All you need to do is slide the cuff up and pull the gripper down. This releases the gripper from the robot. From there, a new gripper can be added to the robot.


When a new gripper is being set up, the settings will be adjusted inside of the ClickSmart tool plate. Once the tool is saved in the robot’s Intera 5 software, the robot will recognize each tool as they are plugged into the arm.

For more information, contact The Proud Company at 412.838.0230.