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12 Jun 2018
Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800

A New Generation of Drive Technology: the Remarkable FR-A800

Designed for unparalleled drive precision, speed control, simple startup, and versatility, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology: the remarkable FR-A800. Outstanding features of the FR-A800 series include the integrated high level PLC, USB port for programming and parameter copying, an easy-to-read control panel, optimum power usage and energy saving functions, improved […]

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16 May 2018
Low Cost SCARA Robots

Low Cost SCARA Robots: The Best Alternative For Traditional Pick & Place

Low cost SCARA robots used to only exist on engineers’ wishlists. Historically, pick and place applications typically involved either pneumatic or electromechanical actuators (aka Cartesian robots). The problem with using traditional actuators for pick and place applications is that everything needs to be perfectly aligned to work properly. Adjust the location of a pick or […]

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30 Jun 2017
Electric Actuator vs Pneumatic

Electric Actuator vs. Pneumatics? Which Is Right For You?

Pneumatic actuators have historically dominated the industrial market when simple motion control is needed. They are inexpensive and generally perform well. In the last few years, however, almost every pneumatics company has released and is promoting electric actuators as a viable alternative to air. Some companies, like Intelligent Actuator have taken another route and don’t […]

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08 Mar 2017
Mitsubishi Electric

IPM Motors: the Next Big Thing in Factory Automation?

For decades, machine builders and factories have relied on induction motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs) to provide an efficient means of motion control to their processes. The rationale behind the technology is relatively widespread: Efficient speed control throughout the full range of the motor Precise torque control Dynamic load adjustment VFDs also help to […]

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