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10 Jan 2019
Cognex InSight Vision System

New Year’s Resolution: Get a 12 MP Vision System

Capturing exceptionally detailed 12 MP images, the In-Sight 9912 from Cognex delivers high accuracy part location, measurement, and inspection over a large area — even when mounted at longer distances. The In-Sight 9912 is Cognex’s first standalone, ultra-high-resolution area scan vision system. IN-SIGHT 9912 FEATURES The In-Sight 9912 offers: Large field of view without sacrificing […]

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26 Oct 2018
portable inspection system

A Portable, All-In-One Benchtop Inspection System

In today’s manufacturing facilities, fixed inspection systems are often found on production lines for quality control. But what if you want the ability to inspect a variety of parts, offline, at different locations within a facility? Tasked with such a request, The Proud Company recently delivered a self-contained, portable, all-in-one quality inspection system to a […]

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26 Jun 2018
Cognex Verifiers: Verify Codes On Every Surface

Verify Codes On Every Surface with the Cognex DataMan 8070

Barcode verification is the process of grading the quality of barcodes. Barcode verifiers capture images and generate reports to demonstrate compliance to parameters within industry standardization guidelines. The problem is, verifiers are traditionally very finicky, difficult to setup, and cumbersome to use. The new Cognex DataMan 8070 changes that. The DataMan 8070 series barcode verifier […]

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17 Oct 2017
Powdered Metal Industry & Machine Vision

Machine Vision in the Powdered Metal Industry

In the powdered metal industry, machine vision is being used for defect detection. Defects can include anything from missing teeth on a gear, to detecting debris on an item after it is manufactured. A large amount of powdered metal products are supplied to the automotive industry, which has very stringent quality requirements. This high level […]

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14 Aug 2017
Sawyer collaborative robot

Head to Head: Sawyer vs. the Competition

Recently, The Proud Company — in collaboration with Rethink Robotics — went head-to-head in a proof-of-concept challenge between Rethink’s Sawyer robot and a competing collaborative robot at a potential customer’s facility. The competitor was installing their robot on a line a few hundred feet from where we were installing Sawyer. THE CHALLENGE The task was […]

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01 Aug 2017
In-Sight Laser Profiler by Cognex

Simple, Accurate Measurement with Cognex’s In-Sight Laser Profiler

Cognex, the world leader in machine vision, has expanded their portfolio with the new family of In-Sight Laser Profilers. The In-Sight Laser Profiler works by projecting a flat laser line, while a camera takes an image of the line. As the laser line goes up and over different features of a part, the line is […]

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19 Jun 2017
In-Sight 7000 Gen II vision system

Build Your Own Vision System with Cognex’s In-Sight 7000 Gen II

Cognex is pleased to announce the release of the next generation In-Sight 7000 series. The In-Sight 7000 series represents a breakthrough in flexibility, modularity and performance for vision systems. Built from the best of the best, the next generation In-Sight 7000 brings powerful vision algorithms and performance from the In-Sight 8000, integrated light/autofocus from the […]

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01 May 2017
Cognex 3D vision seminars pittsburgh

Complimentary 3D Vision Seminars

Join us to learn about new technologies for high-accuracy measurement and new In-Sight technology for machine vision inspections. Seminar attendees will learn how your dynamic manufacturing processes can benefit from these technologies. You will also learn about industry best practices for setting up systems for your applications. This seminar will be held on two dates […]

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10 Apr 2017
Cognex barcode readers

4 Reasons to Switch from Laser Scanners to Cameras

Laser scanners have been around forever. If you work for a company that makes something that someone else needs to buy, you probably have laser scanners at your facility. The manufacturing industry has made a drastic shift towards image-based barcode readers (a.k.a. cameras) and has not looked back. If you haven’t gotten serious about taking […]

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